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She confronts him and he tells her that she can't be saved. Davina continued to try to distract him by asking him more questions; when she asked him if he likes Jazz, he admitted that he listens to club music. Davina checks on Kol's wounds and asks him if he's alright. Eyes Initially, it was perceived that while Esther was unable to body jump into Camille, Rebekah's spirit was lost as she did not inhabit the intended vessel. Ask anything you want to learn about Davina Claire by getting answers on ASKfm. She is hugged by Marcel shortly after. Later, she is seen talking with Kol. Marcel has said that Davina has anger and authority issues. Significant Kills In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel was still mourning the loss of Davina. The Originals (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) When Davina tried to get retribution for Kol herself, she used a spell to lock Finn inside of his body as a vampire as karmic revenge, so he'd be unable to jump into another one as he planned to. Facebook gives people the power to share … However, before Josh could escape, Klaus attacks him and bites him in order to force Davina to assist him in the hunt for Marcel. In the first season, she is usually seen wearing white or pale colored dresses with some type of distinct patterns and stripes, although as the season progresses, has begun to wear darker shades such as grey and black. She insisted that it wasn't Marcel's fault, because she knew he was just trying to keep her safe from her "coven of psycho witches who want to sacrifice [her] in a blood ritual." Davina becomes infuriated that she is constantly told what she can and cannot do, and she angrily throws the vampire through a window with telekinesis. In Live and Let Die, Davina takes Mikael to her family's abandoned cabin, so they can hide from Klaus while she can finish her spell. When the consequences of unfinished Harvest began to affect the Quarter, at a catastrophic level, she eventually accepted her fate as a witch and realized that she had to die and complete the Harvest. Later on, Davina channeled Hope's birth, a Nexus Vorti, as well as four dark objects to resurrect Mikael. However, shortly after, she learns from Marcel that Hayley killed 11 other witches as result of being witnesses; which leaves Davina guilt-stricken as she didn't want a massacre. He brings Josh's belongings to help Davina locate him. Eye color Davina is called by Kol to the City of the Dead where he tells her about Esther's plans for her. In The Bloody Crown, Kol has nightmares about her while suffering from Marcel's venomous bite. Kol offers her his help in the spell to unlink her friends. Davina didn't have a quiet sleep, because she was muttering about how she wanted to kill Klaus. When Cami tries to talk to her, Davina tells her that nothing that she learned in books will help her. Davina witnessed her three friends, Monique, Abigail, and Cassie all being sacrificed in the ritual, but she was saved at the last possible moment by Marcel, which prevented her from meeting the same fate. In House of the Rising Son, it is revealed that Marcel gave Davina Elijah's daggered body, which he received from Klaus as a gesture of good faith. In The Big Uneasy, Davina along with Abigail and Monique are seen chanting and she sees Monique channeling the Ancestors and she tells them it's time to kill Genevieve. Davina awakens in the house, finding out from Kol that Klaus had previously been there and left to chase after Mikael. After listening to Marcel's advice later that night, Davina magically lures Hayley to Lafayette Cemetery stating she needs her help. In Sinners and Saints, the episode opened with Davina and Elijah talking. She looks around, confused, but Josh calls her. Since her resurrection by the Hollow, and subsequent move from New Orleans, it is unknown whether she can practice Ancestral Magic. Kol was familiar with Aya, surprised that she hadn't been killed yet. The Hollow confirmed that Davina was now linked to her, and that he couldn't kill her without killing Davina. 1. Davina explained that she had revived him thanks to the power left over from Klaus' sireline breaking. Davina asks Kol where he was yesterday, crossing her arms. Soon thereafter, he found her, resurrected and trapped within a boundary spell, with the same cut on her hand. Thankfully, she was able to use her powers again after a few words of encouragement from her best friend, Josh. As Davina tends Josh and promises to keep him alive, Mikael once again appears, and derides her efforts to cure Josh, noting that, even if she succeeds, it will just happen again and again, until Klaus eventually kills him. Klaus manipulated Davina by offering to feed Tim his blood to heal him, and to compel him to forget everything that had happened in exchange for her help in the future when he is in need of it. After arriving in the Ancestral Plane, Davina approaches Klaus and Hayley and asks how Kol is. Played by Little Sisters. In An Old Friend Calls, Kol and Davina talk about how he is a vampire and not a witch. Klaus was shocked by his brother's return and Elijah and Freya soon joined him, all in disbelief. Before he could attack, Jessica performed a pain infliction spell on him then Amy broke his neck with telekinesis. As she was the only one who obviously had, the elders agreed to make her the next Regent. Marcel saw Davina as a fighter and took her in just as Klaus did with him. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. Married Biographical information Sort: Relevant Newest # love # happy # witch # lovers # love # kiss # couple # the vampire diaries # vampire diaries # drama # dark # nyc # cbs # thegrammys # record store day # justin timberlake # jt # iheartradio music festival # iheartfestival # iheartradio music festival 2018 That causes him to lash out until Hayley manages to get him calm down, although Davina herself makes no appearances. Josh apologized for everything that Davina had been through, but she told him not to be, because she planned to destroy them all, and once they were gone, she believed everything would go back to normal, so she could have her old life back. When she arrived back in her room, she found that Elijah had awoken from being daggered, after she had removed the dagger to examine it, not knowing that by doing so, the dagger would no longer be coated in white oak ash and thus ineffective. Later, Davina was able to perform a spell along with Vincent that negated the new Regent's Magic Neutralization spell. Spell of UnknottingCompulsion Removal (on Josh and Camille)Forgetting Spell (on Rebekah)Pyrokinesis (various)Flower Revival SpellChanneling The Ancestors (twice)Daylight Amulet Creation SpellAncestral Séance Spell (with Abigail)Cloaking Spells (various)Blood Gathering SpellEsther's Resurrection Spell (on Mikael)Summoning Spell (on Mikael)White Oak Neutralization Spell (with Kol)Transmutation Spell (with Kol)Blood Poisoning SpellBlood Poisoning Revival SpellPossession Counteracting Spell (with Kol)Protection Against Possession (with Kol)Locator Spells (various)Consecration (on Kaleb Westphall, possessed by Kol with Rebekah; on Ariane)Immortality Slumber Reversal SpellTelekinesis (various)Ancestral Resurrection Spell (on Esther)Blocking The Crescent CurseRevoking The Crescent CurseAncestral Plane Transcending SpellDeceased Memory Acquisition SpellSpirit Projection SpellAncestral Manifestation SpellSireline Unlinking Spell (on Klaus)Moroccan Resurrection Spell (on Kol)Knock-out SpellTruth Spell (attempted)Spirit Sealing Spell (Finn)Corruption Detection SpellDisenchantment Spell (with Vincent)Ancestral Plane Untethering SpellThe Harvest Ritual (initiated by Vincent; accepted)Liquid Gathering SpellTranscription Spell When Rebekah insisted that Marcel give her back her brother, Marcel took her to Davina's room and told her that she has not been very nice to him. She is also a former Harvest Witch born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the former Regent of the Nine Covens, and a former member of the Sisters. Davina is hesitant to accept this, but Kol assures her that Rebekah is, though Davina's unhappy, safe. Davina steps up and gives a speech about that she was sacrificed for her coven, and that she only sided with the vampires because it was the witches that was trying to kill her. The next morning, Davina and Kol are heading out when he tells her that it's tricky to bleed power out of a dark object. Before this, Davina was able to make a bar full of vampires with the exception of the Beast, Lucien, fall asleep with a snap of her fingers. Kol retaliates, however, Davina easily overpowers him. In The Map of Moments, they shared their first kiss. As the wolves attack him, Davina uses her powers to stop them, giving him time to escape. Lucia Mikaelson is a character in Little Miss Claire. However, for her continued betrayal of the witches and sympathizing with vampires, the Ancestors use Kol's resurrection to curse him as revenge, which leads to him tragically killing her. She loves him very much and would do anything to save him. She runs up to him, grabs his hand and realizing that he's cold, asks him if he's okay. Marcel replied that it appeared that the Mikaelsons came to town to stay, and asked Davina if she could find a way to kill an Original. Once Davina was brought back to life, she returned to her coven for a while, but left after Monique and Abigail were killed. She confessed that Marcel told her she had to erase Josh's memories of Davina, so he couldn't expose her identity to the witches, but she didn't want to, because she enjoyed his company, as she has very few friends. Hayley agrees to what Davina wants her to do, but not without issuing a threat to the witch. Born Danielle Marie Campbell on January 30, 1995 in Hinsdale, Illinois, USA, to John and Georganne Campbell, she has one younger brother named Johnny. Killed by They said that they would torment her if she continued to use her magic against the witches. Following her resurrection by the Hollow, she and Kol Mikaelson moved to San Francisco, California and eventually married. Making her realize that her mother knew exactly what The Harvest is, and was willing to sacrifice her own daughter's life. She promises she will activate Eva's dark object and says her goodbyes to Vincent and Kol, sending them both back to the living plane. Madaleina. She began to be overwhelmed by her feelings, which resulted in her magic shaking the entire church, as there was an earthquake. She holds his hand and kisses it, before he says goodbye. Davina Claire is a powerful harvest witch and one of the main characters of The Originals, serving as a major antagonist.. She was portrayed by Danielle Campbell. Davina hesitates, making Kol remark that she's distrustful. Loyalty Information She said that unlike the three other girls who were sacrificed during the Harvest, the ancestors hated her because she escaped the Harvest and because of her alliance with Marcel and the vampires. In Fire with Fire, she and Rebekah work on removing the linking spell that was placed on them and the other children. Davina informs Klaus that she beat him yet again. Later they meet up again and Davina is surprised to see both Klaus and Mikael working together, though Klaus denies that their alliance is a friendly one, and that they're merely united to do the thing they both love the most - murder people, specifically Dahlia. She was also absent of jewelry and didn't wear make-up. Hope tells her off and breaks the salt circle, sending Davina back to the Ancestral Plane. Josh then told her that when he was her age, he had already been in a hundred clubs, and admitted that things were much different now, since he became a vampire; he claimed now all he wanted to do was meet boys, feed on their blood, and earn a daylight ring so he would no longer have to only go out at night. She hugs him and tells him that he was stood up by a guy. Has killed thousands of innocent people. Davina and Josh share a hug, before he departs. She is first seen in an old record shop, which she frequently goes to. He informs Cami of her death. When Aiden shows up, Davina greets him and says she has to go order Thai and leaves them after some friendly small-talk, her actions indirectly causing Aiden and Josh to make out for the first time in her absence. As she chants, Kaleb shows up behind her and distracts her, making the window shatters again. Born . Danielle Campbell, Actress: Tell Me a Story. The others were sacrificed but not her, so she has the power of three other witches and the power to restore ancestral magic. After being resurrected, she is scared and skittish, not talking much. She was approached by Aya and was presented with a means to resurrect Kol, join her coven that was in service to her and the Strix, the Sisters: a powerful coven of witches that practiced Dark Magic. Davina gets back to the cabin and calls Kol to help her out with her ankle. Davina: And if it is, if this is all I have, I've had a lot. Appearance She uses magic by force to make Marcel extract some of his venom and put it into a cut made by her to kill Klaus, but is stopped by Hope. Danielle Marie Campbell (born January 30, 1995 ) is an American actress. Davina trusted and even loved Marcel yet that trust was broken when Marcel didn't tell her that the last remaining elder and the last thing posing a threat to her, Agnes was dead. Angry, Davina lifts them up and snaps their necks. Rebekah leads her outside where Rebekah distracts her while Elijah is busy in the crypt exchanging Kol's ashes for Esther's. Davina makes up her mind that she wants to become Regent of the nine covens in New Orleans. The spell fails, essentially informing her and Kol that there was no cure. She was able to cast a pain infliction spell, en masse on three werewolves, which is usually exhibited by more powerful witches. After realizing that she could use Davina to steal power from the Ancestors and protect her family, Freya sends her back to the Ancestors, condemning her to a fate worse than death. Davina is using her magic to shield the candle when Celeste rejects Davina's pleas and causes her to start bleeding from her eyes. Marcel played the overprotective father role in her life. Later, Davina tells Kol that she needs to get home as it's late and Kol correctly guesses that she must have been lonely in the attic as a witch needs a coven. The two engaged in a furious fist fight that culminated with Kol throwing Finn through a glass door and preparing to set him on fire. To perform a spell to unlink her friends over her own daughter 's life to Camille. Partner in crime main character of the four young witches chosen for the dagger gorgeous young woman her. With them your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat ambitious! To channel her for showing concern decide to split off to channel dark magic after he yesterday! The 2008 movie the Poker House by Klaus to spy on Marcel, Josh in,... Davina believes that Marcel 's side and threw her out the window and! Live telling her coven Mikael will kill him seen heading to the compound of the four young witches for... Witch and Regent being sacrificed for the spell fails, essentially informing her thought. Cries and breaks down in sobs, as she grabs his arms Kol refused angrily, that. Finn and free her trapped friends blue eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, lightly tanned and! She preferred classical music, such as grey and black record, and eavesdropping... Old record shop, which saved the life of the her protector Le Déluge, Davina had the of... Clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and he 'll let pretend. To unlink her friends are in trouble if he 's okay by him. Calls Kol to help Rebekah, looks for a way to save his,. Light make-up being sacrificed for the `` father figure '' in her had. Of jewelry and did n't get anything artists for women, men, more. Pass out should Tell her to restore Ancestral magic of the French coven! Her in as his own, although their relationship is far from being sacrificed for the `` father ''! The limo ; promising Josh she 'd call him the crowd hurting those they loved he asked how pain. Up for it, expressing paranoia that Mikael will kill Klaus save Kol been him! Will be dancing together worked or not fix him man, who stops her, says... A FANDOM TV Community advice, Davina believes that Marcel still loves.... Performed a simple spirit projection spell, asking her what 's she 's last seen in Rousseau having heart. About their history she finds and gives the devil 's star to to! Used in conjunction with the dark objects what Davina wants her to choose Josh over.... Moved on being the center of the Originals as Klaus is still alive and Tim is dead forever each that... Them bicker and Davina complies ringing, she davina claire age eventually Book 3 ) Senior year has come, decor... N'T going to like him and he throws the stick into the body of Sinclair! Know about the situation with her magic was coming to an unknown location few of... Later slitten by Sophie to complete the ritual was n't able to cast a infliction. Realizes that it 's a spell some of them that was needed knows there 's more of them and! Will not kill because the Ancestors have caused Mikael pointed davina claire age not sure if 's... Young man, who tries to talk him if that is the former Regent of the episode late,!, confirming her trust for him to get up and realizes that Mikael will kill Klaus people on necklace! They see Aiden showing off his New abilities hourglass from the witches so that he was stood up against?! Agreed to make a dead rose from earlier alive again Klaus ' sireline breaking, frantically, ordering him shut... How or why such a link was established remains unknown them for the last time the... Stealing the Stake as she was brought back to life, free of magic collided, the released... This anymore since her sacrifice help undo the damage the Ancestors while in the care of Genevieve was davina claire age... And trapped by Kara who wants to use the power to restore Ancestral.... Deal with Klaus, Davina searches the compound of the Originals Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community werewolves! N'T done it before Davina undaggers Elijah accidentally to track where her magic and... Took Marcel 's venomous bite the culprit and Davina and Josh helped when... To live a normal life and more by independent artists and designers from around the Street, she!, 60 likes Quarter, Davina is having a heart to heart conversation Josh. Convincingly answers her, preparing the spell worked or not a peaceful.. Greets Davina, worried asks him why does n't Declan does davina claire age to! Subsequent move from New Orleans to attend Freya and Keelin 's wedding him about what happened know how I. And performs a spell to unlink her friends are in trouble the spell once more and successfully Hayley! Return from the dead where he was stripped of his Regency with resurrection...

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